A Cat Over High Waters

The kitties get trapped in a raging flood, but it's never too late to recreate iconic scenes from 90s movies.

Comic transcript

Panel 1: The cats are stranded on an island in a flood (water is rushing by). "That storm came on fast" Willow says, wearing her backpack as she points to the raging rapids.

Panel 2: Snow says "We need to fill our bags with supplies", as she tries to pull a bunch of catnip (imagined as just tall green grass) out of the ground with her mouth.

Panel 3: Willow looks at her with incredulity and says "We need more than cat nip...", holding a bunch of beef jerky in her hands "Luckily I plan ahead!"

Panel 4: Snow looks at her confused, "You plan for a flash flood destroying our camp?" as Willow laughs "No, getting lost when you have the map"

Panel 5: Snow walks away, indignantly, and spots a raft moored to a post "Hey...why don't you lead us out of here then?"

Panel 6: The cats end the scene grinning as they ride the raft over a river, Willow standing proudly at the bow of the raft, while Snow stands behind her on two legs, paws stretched widely, and she says "I'm flying, sister!"