Solaroids: Between a Fuzz and a Hard Place | Trouble in Purr-adise

Comic transcript

Panel 1 The cats are flying two spaceships, a close up to their face with a split scene.

Panel 2 They're shown flying towards a strange three point alien spaceship, and Willow exclaims "I see the mothership"

Panel 3 The cats are shooting at the alien ship (view from behind their ships) and Willow's ship on the left is seen banking away from the mothership, while Snow screams "I can't turn!!!"

Panel 4 Willow shouts "EJECT!!!" from outside the scene as Snow's ship is shown on fire, hurtling towards the alien ship.

Panel 5 A tiny little dot is seen escaping as Snow proclaims "I made it!", and an explosion replaces both ships in the frame.

Panel 6 Willow and Snow are shown sitting on a couch, where Snow exclaims "Can we play Solaroids again?!" and Willow laughs, says "Sure! Try not to die this time!"