Trouble in Purr-adise

Two Cats With Attitude

Written by Chad Edwards and illustrated by the very talented Vladar

A webcomic published weekly about two crazy cats and their adventures. Each chapter covers a different story, a different theme in their lives. Read on as they steal their mother’s credit card and take a plane to distant coasts. Laugh and find joy as they explore virtual worlds. Join them on their journey to explore Mount Olympaws and face off against the very gods themselves!

Our World

We’re Willow and Snow, and we found Trouble in Purr-adise. Sometimes we feel a little mischievous and go on an adventure. One time, we stole our mother’s credit card and traveled across the world! Oh we had fun. A little too much fun. We had to take a break and play some video games, but now we’re exploring Mount Olympaws. Except it turns out the Greek gods are real, and we’re facing the greatest dangers of our life yet!

So What Are You Waiting For?

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